Wire Crimping Tool

Our wire crimping tool is the one you want to get if you want a great crimping experience that almost always delivers a perfect crimp the first time. While a lot of tools require you to crimp more than once to get the job done, the ratcheting design on this tool ensures that you only have to crimp once, saving you time and frustration. 

It also comes with adjustable compression, so you can change how much you have to move the handles to get the job done, which allows you to customize this tool to your hand size. There aren’t a lot of tools with this level of customization, so it’s always a nice feature to see. 

  • Perfect for getting most crimping jobs done in no time.
  • Crimps insulated & non-insulated terminals
  • With an alloy stripping head and a stripped wire range of 0.2-6.0mm2