Solar Powered Welding Helmet

Our Solar Powered Welding Helmet offers a plethora of elements including a wide viewing area, solar auto-darkening, and more. Perfect for all welders out there!

Its uniqueness lies in its auto-darkening filter feature that lets it switch to dark in case there's an electric failure, ensuring maximum protection for the wearer. Perfect against UV & IR radiation. It is equipped with sensitivity & delay settings that allow you to adapt to different environments with enhanced visibility & color recognition.  With its 3.62" x 1.65" clear visor, you can see at different angles, helping you work easily & effectively. 

  • Perfect for precise welding tasks while also ensuring your maximum protection in all kinds of environment
  • With its auto-darkening filter, you can switch from light to dark in 1/15000 second (super quick!)
  • With optimal UV & IR radiation protection
  • Equipped with sensitivity & delay settings that allow you to adjust the shade of the lens, helping you adapt to different working environments with ease. 
  • It comes with an eco-friendly CR2032 solar-powered rechargeable lithium battery for long-lasting use.