Welding Gloves

Your hands are one of the few parts of your body necessary for welding, and they are always the closest to the 10,000°F arc you weld with.  To help protect your hands from the intense heat, our heavy-duty welding gloves are an absolute must-have!

The specialty of these gloves lies in its unique design in all respects. It has 1.3mm thick heat-resistant cowhide leather as the external lining that works well to shield against welding heat while eliminating stiffness, so your hands can flex the gloves freely.  It also uses an inner breathable cotton lining that helps to keep your hands comfortable and allergy-free. They’re 16 inches with shaped openings that fit up to most people’s arms for full protection while enabling flexibility.

  • Heavy-duty welding gloves with 4 layered construction for maximum protection
  • 1.3mm thick heat-resistant cowhide leather that provides adequate protection against heat
  • The inner cotton lining provides maximum user comfort for the wearer
  • 16inch in size - perfect for everyone!
  • Perfect for many things - BBQ, Pet bites, Welding (obviously), and more!