ROCKBROS Ultralight LED Cycling Helmet

Stand Out on the Road

✔️ Always be visible Having 13 different lights around the helmet will make you stand out riding at night.
✔️ Ultralight  Only weighing ~330g, be free in your head movements and do not risk any neck pain.
✔️ Comfortable Fit — Not too tight not too snug and super breathable. You can ride for hours comfortably.
✔️ Impact resistant — Even if the crash occurs our helmets are CE certified to meet the highest quality of safety standards.
✔️ Long battery life  The LED batteries last up to 24 hours.

✔️ USB Rechargeable— Can be charged from anywhere: plug socket, computer or power bank.

The Ultralight LED Cycling Helmet is equipped with powerful LEDs in front, back and sides of the helmet to ensure other drivers, cyclists and pedestrians are able to see you before any accident even has a chance to occur.

💡 A 2018 study in California has shown that more than 82% of the cycling accidents happen at night due to low visibility. Be aware!

Waterproof and Insect-Proof

Designed to fit all types of different weather conditions our helmets are protected from water impact, so you can be sure that the lights won’t go down if you happen to ride in the rain. Also comes with an integrated insect net to protect you from all the nasty bugs that are out there riding in the forest or going camping.

Doesn’t matter if you are using a helmet for yourself or for your toddler. Our one size fits all helmet is good for nearly every head size starting with 21 1/8″ up to 25″. 

The Ultralight LED Cycling Helmet can be used in a number of ways beyond cycling. Be it hiking, camping or having to use it as a perfect flashlight at night. The Ultralight LED Cycling Helmet is there for you!


  • Weight: 330g
  • Material: EPS+INMILD
  • Head Circumference: 57-62cm
  • Color: 5 Color Choices