Tubular Terminal Crimping Tools

Our Tubular Terminal Crimping Tool Set gets you the best wire crimping results, the only set you'll need to get all your wire crimping tasks done in no time. 

It comes with a precise ratcheting mechanism design with adjustable crimping compression to ensure uniform crimping at all times. Made with premium industrial grade high strength carbon steel which is treated with black oxidation, rust and corrosion resistance for long-lasting use. Specially designed and precisely-machined toothed grapple can grip and fix the wire tightly.  
  • For all kinds of wire crimping tasks - a whole package
  • With precise ratcheting mechanism & adjustable crimping compression for consistent results at all times.
  • Forged with high carbon steel for extra durability & strength
  • Specifications:
    HSC8 10SA
    Crimp range:  0.25-10mm square - AWG23-7
    Crimp shape:  quadrilateral 

    HSC8 6-4A
    Crimp range:  0.25-6mm square - AWG23-10
    Crimp shape:  quadrilateral 

    HSC8 6-6A
    Crimp range:  0.25-6mm square - AWG23-10
    Crimp shape:  hexagonal