Tongue Scraper Cleaner Stainless Steel

Best Tongue Scraper Stainless Steel 

Brushing teeth isn’t enough to make you orally clean as bacteria also harbors on tongue. This scraper is the key for it assures to give you and your family good oral hygiene and protection from dental-decay.  

This smart invention ensures also to eliminate foul breath so you can now confidently have intimate talks and contact with your loved-ones!

Regular use of this scraper can also improve your sense of taste. You can now enjoy every mealtime as your tongue can now better distinguish between bitter, sweet, salty, and sour sensation foods.


  •   STAINLESS STEEL: bacteria resistant, do not rust or collect mold but brings the benefits of including its microbial and germicidal properties.

  •   THICK/WIDE ANTI-GAG ARC AND SCIENTIFIC FLUID DESIGN: ensures maximum tongue is covered in a single drag which removes dirty stuff, mucus, debris and bad smell restoring oral hygiene, taste sensation and fresher breath.

  •   SAFE BLUNT EDGES AND HIGHLY FLEXIBLE- keep the tongue safe from nicks and cuts and ensures smooth insert and drag out from the mouth.
  •   ORAL AND HEALTH CARE: also massages and awakens the internal organs, stimulates the digestive capacity.
  •   ERGONOMIC AND DURABLE: Scientifically designed with better grip.



 1 x   Tongue Coating Eraser