The Easy Fill - Propane Refill Tool - (Almost Gone!)

Stop throwing away money and
SAVE BIG TIME with The Easy Fill on every camping, fishing and hunting trip!

Whether it's camping with the family, fishing or hunting, The Easy Fill saves money for everyone and allow you to save time and money from going to the store and constantly buying new propane tanks, saving on space in that already fully packed SUV, and hitting the road with confidence, knowing you got it all covered and saved up to x10 the cost of using propane outdoors for that buddy heater in cold weather or a delicious bbq that's enough for the entire family 

✅ A MUST-HAVE FOR – Camping, welding, fishing, hunting, portable bbq cooking outdoor and much more
✅ EASY INSTALL – No other tools required and easy to install with hand heel grip for tightening.
✅ REFILL EASILY – Fits all 1 lb propane green cylinder bottles and refill easily and quickly within about a minute
✅ SAFE & DURABLE   Well-constructed built rubber ring along with a100% solid brass construction provides a secure and airtight connection for your security

    But don't just take our word for it.

    How to use ( 3 easy steps)

    1. use small canister in freezer for 30-60 min or place big tank in the sun to warm up

    2. Attach The Easy Fill to the 20lb propane tank and turn it upside down

    3. Attach your 1lb tank to The Easy Fill firmly and open 20lb tank valve to start refilling - make sure to close valve before removing the 1lb tank

    • for extra safety only use outdoors with gloves and safety glasses

    • Prior using place 1lb tank in the freezer for 30-60 min or place 20lb tank in the sun for about an hour