Sushi Chef Kit

You can now enjoy your favorite sushi in the comfort of your home!
Satisfy your cravings for sushi by making your own with this Sushi Tool Set!

This sushi maker allows you to create sushi rolls easily and conveniently! It comes with various molds for different shapes of sushi. These top-quality sushi rice molds can be used by restaurants and they are very easy to handle which makes them ideal for beginners and kids!

ALL IN ONE SET. Sushi Maker Kit comes with a rice fork, a non-stick spatula, and 8 pieces of molds for making different shapes - triangles, hearts, classic round, bear-shaped, semi-circular, fan-shaped, small and large squares.

CREATE YOUR OWN SUSHI. This allows you to make different shape sushi rolls and dream up your wildest combination of fresh, delectable, and colorful ingredients!

EASY TO USE. Add the rice and your favorite ingredients in the molds, press firmly and cut into segments, then you get your perfect homemade Japanese sushi right at home!

(TIP: Press it a little longer, the shape of the sushi will look better)

HIGH-QUALITY MATERIAL. Made of high-quality non-toxic ABS making it safe and durable.

EASY TO CLEAN. All components are designed to prevent sticking, Dishwasher safe for cleaning effortlessly.

Material: Food-grade PP

The kit includes 5 molds allowing you to easily create sushi in 5 different shapes:

1. Triangle shaped sushi:193*35*14mm, Made sushi: 25*20*11mm
2. Heart-shaped sushi:200*74*62mm, Made sushi: 55*30*18mm
3. Classic-round shaped sushi:200*72*60mm, Made sushi: 55*20mm
4. Large square-shaped sushi: 200*35*41mm, Made sushi: 55*20*32mm
5. Small square-shaped sushi:193*35*41mm, Made sushi: 25*20*32mm

Package Includes:

10 x Sushi Making Tools