Smart Posture Trainer Device

Here’s a hero in fixing bad posture!

Perfect for those who work long hours sitting in an office chair or anyone on the go all throughout the day, the Smart Posture Trainer Device is a discreet solution in combating slouching problems. Sticking it to the center of the upper back using skin-safe adhesives, this device reminds you to straighten up through vibration. You can use it whenever and wherever you are: while working, running, doing yoga, dancing, riding, exercising. Amazing, isn’t it?

Goodbye to the bulky straps that traditional posture correctors have, the Smart Posture Trainer Device can be comfortably worn on the shoulder blades without anyone noticing it. This is also a good device for those with scoliosis because of its intelligent posture correction feature that one can even turn to tracking mode only using the smartphone app if in the case the user would be using it while attending a meeting so the others won’t be disturbed with the vibrations. What more can you ask for from a posture corrector that improves posture, relieves back, shoulder, neck pain, fatigue and muscle strain and makes you more confident and attractive?

Benefits of using the Smart Posture Trainer Device:

  1. Use it whenever and whenever you are.
  2. Get perfectly confident posture.
  3. Align your shoulders, spine, and upper back.
  4. Can be comfortably worn under or over clothing because of it made of lightweight high elasticity nylon material.
  5. Avoid having neck and back discomfort.
  6. You can wear it all day everyday.
  7. It has an angle sensor (>15°) that detects the change of tilt angle. You can use the vibration mode to remind you when you hump or bend over.


How to Use:

  1. To get the best fit, make sure to adjust the buckle and the stretchable connector.
  2. Keep your back straight and long press the switch for three (3) seconds to power on the reminder.
  3. Make sure to keep the back straight and wait for the reminder to vibrate twice to record your correct posture.
  4. Bend more than 25 degrees if you have a hunchback.
  5. The reminder that you set on the device would trigger the vibration.
  6. Power off the device by doing a long press on the switch for three (3) seconds.

What's Included in the Package:

- 1 x Correction Belt

- 1 x Charging Cable