Pro Wheel Rim Protector

Are you looking after your wheels as much as the interior and exterior?

Protect your car rim in advance with Pro Wheel Rim Protector before you waste money on a car fix!



This Rim Protector is ultra-lightweight wheel protection made of semi-rigid plastic. Supplied in 8-meter lengths, it will fit most wheel rims.

360° Protection From Kerbing:
Pro-Wheel Rim Protector has a double-deck protective wheel hub, anti-collision & anti-scratch properties to protect your wheel from accidents.

Fit In Within Minutes:
Do it yourself with the utmost convenience. Unique fit for all wheels from 13 to 22 inches, having a 6 mm full flat outer edge on the face of the wheel.

High-Quality Strong Adhesion:
Pro-Wheel Rim Protector adopts strong adhesion to support your wheel.
Durable, will not fall off easily.
Both Side Adhesive ensures a proper fit.

Multiple Colors To Get The Coolest Look:
Pro-Wheel Rim Protector is available in different cool looking colors that will add extra brightness to your vehicle.

Pro-Wheel Rim Protector gives your car wheels an iconic new look with robust protection. Add to the cart now before gets stock out.

Package Includes:

  • 1x Pro Wheel Rim Protector