HD Military High Power Night Vision Binoculars

HD Military High Power Night Vision Binoculars offers a combination of precision HD optics, durability, and versatile styling that will make the most of your time outdoors. Strong robust design ensures that these binoculars can sustain active use.

Treat Yourself To The Ultimate Day or Night Viewing Experience With  Military HD Optic Day Night Vision Binoculars.

night vision binoculars

Why compromise with inferior binoculars which can easily break or fog when you want to capture that particular moment? Choose the highest quality color clarity, the highest resolution, the truest contrast, reliable durability, and 8.2-degree viewing angle!

Capture The Beauty

night vision binoculars

With 60X magnification and an amazing 3,281 yard (9,843 ft) range, these binoculars are sure to bring you even closer to the action and give you an experience nothing short of incredible.

Ideal for Bird Watching, Hunting, Camping, Hiking, Star Gazing, and Professional Occupations such as Surf Lifesaving.

These binoculars are perfect for those looking for extremely versatile, high quality, and economically priced HD Optics.

Multipurpose Binoculars

 night day binoculars

Amazing Night Clarity from 3281 yards with Low-Light-Level Night Vision

 night vision hd binoculars

Amazing Daytime Resolution and Contrast

 day night vision binoculars

night vision binoculars

HD Military High Power Night Vision Binoculars

  • Low-light-level night vision.
  • 60X Magnification.
  • 3,281 yard Range.
  • HD and clear imaging.
  • 8.2 Degree Angle.


  • Eyepiece diameter: 0.62"
  • Objective diameter: 2.36"
  • 3,281 yd. Coordinates.
  • Distance: 5.46 yd – 3281 yd.
  • Shuttle mirror: K9
  • Angle: 8.2 degree
  • Minimum focusing distance: 5.46 yd
  • Weight: Approx. 26.8 oz.


Do not use the binoculars to observe the sun directly, this will cause permanent damage to the eyes.


This product is not the same as night vision goggles.

Package Includes:

1 x Binocular
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x Storage Bag  
1 x Grab Rope
1 x User Manual