Multi-function Circular Saw

Small and Powerful!

Multi-function Circular Saw is designed with a 400-watt motor inside a construction-grade chasse that's durable. Incredibly light and fits easily in the palm of any size hand. This high powered hand saw cuts with over 3400 RPMs making it the most versatile. Lightweight and portable saw ever made. The kit includes 3 quick-change cutting blades each designed for specific materials.




400W Multi Functions Circular Saw

3700RPM Max Speed – 12mm Cutting Depth – 3-pin Plug

6 x Saw Blades:

  • Diamond Blade is ideal for ceramic tile, grout, masonry, marble, and stone.
  • Tungsten Carbide Blade makes cutting hardwood plywood laminated flooring. drywall, pegboard, and PVC an easy job.
  • High-Speed Steel Blade specializes in cutting right through metal and steel . as well as carpet.
  • 2 x Hex Keys - For Blade Changing and adjustment
  • Dust tube - Collects and extracts dust – can be fitted to most standard vacuum cleaners.


Multi-function Circular Saw is equipped with its own dust removal system
which saves you big messes. Plug one end into the dust release valve on the Multi-function Circular Saw . and the other into the hose of any household vacuum. Connect the vacuum to a power outlet. push the vacuum’s power button on . and you can cut clean without the dust, dirt, and debris getting all over your eyes, clothes, and floor.


1. Plug one end into the dust release valve on the Multi-function Circular Saw and the other into the hose of any household vacuum.
2. Connect the vacuum to a power outlet.




Multi-function Circular Saw houses an Adjustable Cutting Depth Lever. This allows you to choose between shallow, medium, or deep cuts. This feature makes it so useful for any type of project. whether you're trying to avoid cutting wire behind drywall or slicing straight through a piece of solid wood or metal.


  • Cut Through Any Material - Multi-function Circular Saw ability to cut through any material makes it the perfect tool for do-it-yourself projects and home handy work.
  • Cut in any Direction: Horizontally. vertically. straight and curved lines. corners . and even upside down for easy shallow cuts on ceilings. The saw’s guide allows you to see exactly where you’re slicing through. making it perfect for any shape your project requires.


Material: Metal
Max Blade Diameter: 54.8mm
Vacuum hose length: 165cm
Power: 400W
Speed: 3400rmp
Voltage: 110-230V
Sawing Depth: Approx 0-12mm


1pc x Circular Saw
3pcs x Saw Blade
2pcs x Wrench
1pc x Vacuum Tube