Mini Magnetic Screwdriver - Philips and Slotted Head

Our mini magnetic screwdrivers are designed to help you make repairs and adjustments in small hard-to-reach places like your computer, smartphone, or even a pair of eyeglasses. Ideal for at-home tinkerers and even advanced enough for professional work.

These little tools have an ergonomic plastic handle coupled with an alloy steel shaft that not only helps with a comfortable grip but can also withstand all kinds of pressure with ease. Plus they are magnetic in nature which is always a plus because that helps to pick up screws & bolts from narrow, annoying places. A total must-have!

  • Perfect for carrying out mechanical tasks in small hard-to-reach places
  • Made with alloy steel shaft & ergonomic plastic handle for maximum durability with comfortable use
  • Magnetic - easy to pick up screws & bolts
  • Pocket-size tool - fits in all your tool bags if you want to make repairs on the go!