Magnetic Wristband, Holds Screws, Nails, Drill Bits

Time saver! no need to look for small parts

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The Magnetic Wristband has extremely strong magnets all around the band to make sure that all of your screws, nails, drill bits, and other small working tools are attached securely. The specially designed wristband is customized for a handyman who likes to stay organized, who has the daily routine of working with the screws, nail, drill bits, and other metal parts.

Fashionable Design & Ultimate Comfort!

  • Quality Material provides the user with the super soft fabric and light in weight.
  • The exterior wrap of this wristband is the double-layered ballistic nylon providing the lightweight of the product.
  • Hence, you won’t feel the bulk in your hand while working around.
  • Moreover, the nylon is designed to be breathable for sweat reduction while working.
  • Just wear this on your wrist and you are ready to complete your task in a simple manner.
  • It's very comfortable to wear with an adjustable Velcro to adapt to different sized wrists (one size fits all).

Magnetic Wristband

Magnetic Wristband

Time Saver Third Helping Hand!
It is vital for jobs where hands are used often. They are also ideal for jobs that include using a ladder. The Magnetic wristband has a powerful combination of magnets which give you a high magnetic field and power to ensure that your objects remain attached without falling off. Great for working on ladders and tight areas. Keeps your hands free while working.
Whether you've been tasked with an important construction project, a DIY home improvement job, or a simple fix-it project around the house, it is the perfect third helping hand to complement your hard-working style.
The ultimate gift for Men, Dad, Boyfriend, Husband, DIYer or Handyman.