Luxurious Kitchen Oil-Proof Stickers

Always come home to a clean, dry, and luxurious looking kitchen.

Keeping your kitchen neat and clean is a hard thing to do especially if you’re not the only one using it. Control the damage of spills with the Luxurious Kitchen Oil-Proof Stickers.

The Luxurious Kitchen Oil-Proof Stickers is designed to add a luxury look to your kitchen while helping you to prevent stains from grease and oils. They make your counter look oh so nice without sacrificing good quality for itself. No glue is needed for installation so your walls will not be damaged.


  • Luxurious Look:
    Fill your home with silver and gold to make it look luxurious with these stickers.
  • Oil Resistant, Stain-Proof & Waterproof:
    Prevents grease and oil from staining any part of your kitchen.
  • Self-Adhesive:
    No need to use glues or rubber cement, its self-adhesive feature makes it ready to be installed to any smooth surface.
  • Resizable:
    Cut it into the size that you want. The gridlines on the back of the sticker can give you a hand.




  • Material: Aluminum Foil + Glue (thick texture)
  • Colour: Gold, Silver
  • Size: 40cm x 100cm or 40cm x 200cm


  • 1pc x Luxurious Kitchen Oil-Proof Stickers