LED UV Nail Lamp With Build-in Fan

The Fastest & Comfiest Way To Dry Up Your Newly Done Nails


Getting your nails dry can be quite a hectic chore especially when you don't have the right equipment or anyone to assist you. The LED UV Nail Lamp With Build-in Fans lets you enjoy a salon-grade pampering experience without the tedious procedure, long waiting times, or any assistance at all.

Lightweight, cost-effective, and feature-packed. This amazing UV dryer is capable of drying up most if not, all types of gel nail polish in just a matter of seconds making perfect for mix-and-matching a variety of styles and colors. And it even flaunts a spacious design that can accommodate two hands (or feet) both at the same time. Best of all, it's lightweight and portable size makes it incredibly easy to set up anywhere you want.

UPDATE: Due to high demand, we’re officially limited on supply. Make sure to place your order promptly.


✔️ Instantly Dries And Cures Most Types Of Nail Gel

Whether you fancy having Extension Gels, Cat Eye Gels, or Phototherapy Glue done on your nails, the LED UV Nail Lamp With Build-in Fan lets you apply and cure most, if not, any types of nail gel in just a matter of seconds. With 120w of power and a total of 42 UV LED lights at its disposal, you can now enjoy a curing process that's 80% faster than traditional drying alternatives.  

✔️ 100% Eye-Friendly & Zero Discomfort Guaranteed

Tired of that familiar burning sensation you experience as you dry your nails up in your local salon? Glam-up and dry your nails without any feeling any form of discomfort. As powerful as the maybe, it uses a type of LED lights that are not just eye-friendly but also doesn't cause any form of skin irritation even in prolonged exposures. 

✔️ Equipped With Motion Tracking Technology 

The UV Dryer senses your fingers once they're inside the dryer and turns the UV lights on automatically to dry your nails. Thanks to its advanced motion tracking chip, its completely aware of whether it's being used or not preventing a form of misuse, while at the same time, shortens your energy consumption at home. 

✔️ Lightweight, Yet Incredibly Spacious

Weighing just a measly 850g, the is incredibly easy to carry around, while at the same time, features a spacious interior that's enough to accommodate both your hands (or feet) both at once. Whether you're a professional on-call manicurist who offers your services on-the-fly, or simply someone who wants to pamper their nails on-the-go, the is one you shouldn't miss out on.

✔️ The Comfiest Pampering Experience Awaits

Get the comfort you need and deserve as you beautify your gorgeous nails. Unlike most UV nails dryers in the market that stings your hand during your nail's drying process, the LED UV Nail Lamp comes with an embedded fan which blows a comfortable breeze that cools off your hand keeping you cool and comfy as you glam-up! 


Product Specifications:

  • Power: 120w

  • Intelligent Timer: 10s, the 30s, 60s, 99s (Low Heat)

  • Lamp beads: 42 UV/LED lamp beads

  • Works on Phototherapy glue, Nail glue, Extended glue, and Cat eye gel. 

Package Includes:

  • 1 x LED UV Nail Lamp With Build-in Fan
  • 1 x Power Adapter 
  • 1 x Instruction Manual