High Power Laser Pen Pointer 303 - Green

Are you a laser enthusiast? And is in search for the highest quality laser pointer that offers the best functionality, design, and features? Whether you’re a teacher, student, photographer, campers, or a random person. Lasers come with lots of useful benefits and fun, you just got to explore it!

High Power Laser Pen Pointer 303 - Green
Might be just the laser pen you’ve long been waiting for! Green lasers are known for its superior visibility they are bright enough that their beams can be visible even under night conditions.

Interactive Training tools for our Pets 


Hiking or outdoor activities



Where can you use Laser Pointers?

  • “Eye-catching” pointing device on your education or business visual             presentations
  • Hiking or outdoor activities- they are bright enough to scare away wild animals
  • Leisure and entertainment
  • Handy survival tool
  • A safe interactive training tool for your pets- especially cats they love to chase those moving lights.
  • Photography effects

Features and Benefits:

Two In One

You can easily switch from a single line to a starry stage effect real quick! Just grab the starry head and screw it to your laser pen.

Safety Lock Design

This comes with a unique safety lock design. To turn on the laser light, switch it to the green side and red to turn off.

Non-Slip Body

It is designed to offer you a comfortable grip. There’s nothing more annoying than a broken laser pointer just because of a careless slippery hand.

Burning Match

Many handheld lasers utilize a fixed focus beam meaning you cannot alter the width or the intensity of the beam diameter. With this, you can burn any match just by adjusting the focal length to largest.

Grab your personal  High Power Laser Pen Pointer 303 - Green now and start discovering its wonderful uses!


✔ 100% brand new high quality and perfect design
✔ Use your laser pointer to point at any targets on a projection screen
✔ Power saving, lightweight, portable in your pocket or handbags
✔ It can burn a match, can not burn paper or something else
✔ Application for Presentation, Teaching Indicator & Pet Amusement
✔ Safe Child Lock Green Laser Pointer
✔ Different Patterns Tactical Scope Sight Laser: