Musical Wooden Box

Add A Touch Of Carnival To Your Place With Those Musical Wooden Box- A  Timeless Piece That Goes Round In A Wooden Carousel Playing Classical Tunes!

Do you miss those colorful carnivals of your childhood? Well, now you can bring a piece of your childhood carnival memory home with this magical Carousel Music Box. This enchanting Caja Musical Wooden Box is superbly handcrafted from wood. Best of all, the pieces rotate ’round and ’round as the beloved tune sweetly plays! Simply wind up to play as the music box uses mechanical movement and requires no battery! 


  • ELEGANT DESIGN: The classic design comes from the base of physical dynamics and magnets. It gives the wooden music box a running effect in different fun movements. 360 degrees rotation along with small magnetic cars and trains makes the tiny piece a more stunning appearance. Swinging movement with the music makes it even more adorable.
  • SWITCH DESIGN: Suddenly, something popped up while you are enjoying the soothing music of the music box? Don’t worry; the music box is equipped with an on/off switch. You can instantly stop the music by switching it off. After you finish your work, you can switch on the music, and resume the comfort of beautiful music.
  • ECO-FRIENDLY TOY: Our eco-friendly toys are made of natural and sustainable materials—perfect for kids and the planet! The wooden music box is made with sustainable natural wood with special touch up to ensure a smooth surface with no spikes. The musical toy box is finely crafted with exquisite details.
  • FELICITOUS GIFT ITEM: The wooden music box is packed thoroughly. And, the artifact design with small delicate items is perfect as a baby shower, birthday, Christmas presents, or any occasions.
  • PRECIOUS MEMORY REMINDER WITH THE SONG PLAYING: With its travel scenario, along with the peaceful music, you can remember lovely traveling memories. Take yourself beyond reality.
  • MECHANISM MOVEMENT: All you have to do is- twist the spring coil 3-4 times clockwise. The music box will start moving, accompanied by a slow-motion melody. There is no battery required.
  • GREAT PIECE FOR DECORATION: It’s a piece of art which is elegant as a decoration. A great addition to your bedroom or mantelpiece. Make your place a stunning with this cute piece!
  • WOODEN MUSICAL BOX: With a contemporary design, our wooden music box features different designs with a soft and soothing melody. It’s handcrafted with a lot of love! 


1 x  Musical Wooden Box