Impact Magnetic Screwdrivers with Philip & Slotted Bit

Our Impact Magnetic Screwdrivers with Philip & Slotted Bit is an absolute must-have for all DIY lovers with its top-notch functionality and quality construction.   

They also have great magnetism, which is a nice bonus, but the quality found in these tools makes them superior to most common screwdrivers.  Perfect for picking up all kinds of screws, these tools have an ergonomic plastic handle coupled with a chrome-vanadium steel shaft that not only helps with a comfortable grip but can also withstand all kinds of pressure with ease. Their matt chrome + black nickel tip coating offers superior corrosion resistance with increased friction that greatly extends the life of these tools.  

  • Perfect for picking up all kinds of screws & bolts thanks to its powerful magnets
  • Available in 6 sizes & 2 bits - Philip & slotted - so you have the flexibility to choose the one that fits your needs in the best way. 
  • Made with chrome vanadium steel with high-frequency quenching, strong strength & durability.
  • It can be thumped with a hammer, therefore, it has excellent toughness and hardness.
  • Ergonomically designed handle for added comfort with a slip-resistant textured grip for the best control 
  • Sizes: 4 ", 5", 6", 8", 10", 12"
    Bits:  Philip or Slotted