Hydro Mousse Lawn Seed Sprayer

Is your lawn out of shape? Do you have the impression that the grass is limp and bare spots are forming in the lawn?

With the ingenious Hydro Mousse greening system, you can quickly and easily turn every broken meadow into a beautiful and well-kept lawn. In contrast to conventional greening systems, only the Original Hydro Mousse allows green fields to grow again in no time, even in hard and dry places. With Spray & Stay technology and step regulation, you can achieve the same result as with professional gardeners.

Back to a powerful green lawn

Your dog, cat, or unwanted guests at night have damaged your lawn and it is no longer as bright green as before? Do you find some bald spots or holes yourself? Don't worry, with the Hydro Mousse Lawn Spray we have the perfect solution to your problems.

In contrast to all other classic sprayers, the Hydro Mousse consists of an innovative and 100% environmentally friendly solution. The fixation agents keep the seeds on the ground and let them grow in record time.

Practically! This sprayable liquid solution allows you to do two steps at the same time. With the Hydro Mousse, you can sow and water at the same time. So you don't waste time! This solution distributes the seeds evenly and guarantees you a fast and strong growth of your lawn.

Spray on, water, enjoy lawn


  • It is easy to apply and provides the perfect solution for homeowners who need patch lawns. Repair dry spots, dog spots, large traffic areas, and shadows.
  • This sturdy sprayer is suitable for lawn and garden. Additional applications include car cleaning and maintenance.
  • Can be connected to any garden hose and eliminates unnecessary troubles by clearly showing where you are planting.
  • Reusable multi-purpose spray bottle.
  • Quick and easy: fills the product, connect hoses, and spray.
  • When you plant the lawn, use the grass spray and seed spray system to spray the green grass color.
  • Can be easily installed on any garden hose.


1 x Hydro Mousse Lawn Seed Sprayer (No Liquid)