Hydraulic Pex Pipe Crimping tool - Crimping Range U16-32mm

The affordability and convenience of cross-linked polyethylene (PEX) piping over copper and PVC make it one of the best choices for plumbing.  To make the installation of a thick PEX pipe even easier, our heavy-duty Hydraulic Pex Pipe Crimping Tool is a total must-have! 

The innovative head on this tool along with its versatility, accuracy, durability and ergonomic features makes this one of the best tools to have. Tight places don’t have to cause crimping problems. The 360-degree rotating design of this tool’s head is more compact and better suited to meet those challenges.  It allows for crimping a wide range of pipe sizes from U16 - 32mm by easily changing the head ring size. Along with head ring adjustment, this tool also allows you to properly calibrate its jaws for the best fit possible for each ring size.  Plus, the insulated handle design & no-leak construction contributes to its great user experience. 

  • Perfect for crimping thick PEX pipes
  • Constructed with pressure-treated carbon steel for greater durability.
  • It comes with an ergonomic, sure-grip adjustable handle for greater comfort and improved leverage for getting a solid squeeze on that crimping ring.
  • Also comes with TH, U, V, M, VAU jaws that let you crimp pipes into different shapes
  • Crimping range - U16-32mm