Hydraulic Crimping Tool - Crimping Range 10-240mm2

Crimping has emerged as a safe and effective means of terminating two pieces of wire. In contrast to soldering, crimping doesn’t require working with dangerously high temperatures.  But, for thicker wires that handheld crimpers can’t terminate, our hydraulic crimping tool can help you perform most heavy-duty crimping tasks with ease.

The uniqueness of this tool lies in its force - it has a max force of 120KN & a crimping range of 10-240mm2 that applies an impeccable deforming force over thick stubborn wires & terminates them.  In terms of design, this tool features a durable heat-treated steel head that can handle the immense pressure thrown at it. Plus, the insulated handle design & no-leak construction contributes to its great user experience. 

  • Perfect for getting most heavy-duty crimping jobs done in no time.
  • Heat-treated steel head for long-lasting use
  • Max force of 120KN and crimping range of 10-240mm2
  • Equipped with a convenient-sized case for easy carry