Hoomall Food Thermometer BBQ Cooking Meat Hot Water Measure Probe Kitchen Tool 285x73x18mm Digital Thermometer

Product description:
The probe meat thermometer is a very useful measurement tool used to measure the internal temperature of meat, such as roasts and steaks, or other cooked foods. You are easy to get the temperature reading from your cooked meats with it. It can greatly detect precise temperatures and easy to use. Moreover, it will be a good choice for indoor cooking and outdoor grilling! The probe meat thermometer will make life more convenient, you deserve to have so much!

Mini meat thermometer
Low battery sensation and display.
Lightweight and portable
Memory of last measure.
15 minutes auto shutdown for power saving (option).
Great tools for kitchen food



Material:Probe: 304 stainless steelShell: ABS.


1.Measurement range: BBQ, water temperature, food, liquid, paste, oil temperature, milk temperature, tea, soup, beer, etc
2.Temperature measurement range: - 50 ° ~ 300 ° (58 °F ~ + 572° F) super wide range measurement