Hollow Chisel Mortise Drill Tool

Hollow Chisel Mortise Drill Tool Gonna Make Your Handyman Life So Much Easier!

Why waste time and energy trying to chisel out at the square hole and get frustrated with your tools? This amazing Hollow Chisel Mortise Drill Tool will be your saving grace

This tool helps you create your square holes effortlessly and perfectly. It helps to prevent frustration and saves your time as you complete your tasks. 



    • Get those square drill holes up and running!
    • Helps reduce the labor intensity of construction workers, speed up the construction speed, reduce construction costs for construction, installation, renovation, decoration industries.
    • Perfect for all kinds of woodworking projects
    • A lot of existing drill bits can only drill a circular hole - a square hole a true rarity - however, our mortise drill tool can get you the cleanest & smooth square holes in a matter of minutes!
    • Using different specifications of the square hole drill, matching the appropriate power of the square hole machine, you can play a square hole to meet the requirements.


    • Material:  High-Speed Steel.
    • Hardness:  56HRC.
    • Size (square):  6mm (1/4") , 10mm (3/8") , 14mm (9/16") , 16mm (5/8")
    • Middle terrible diameter:  Total length: 19.5 cm / 7.68 in; Diameter: 6.8 mm / 0.27 in
    • Application:  Square hole drill cannot be used on an electric drill, drill square holes need to fit a square hole drill drilling (mortise and tenon machine) to use. Mortise and tenon square hole drilled by the terrible + outer sleeve in the middle of the combination. If the square hole is manually opened, a general electric drill and a hammer are required.


    • 1pc or 4pc Hollow Chisel Mortise Drill Tool