High Precision Stainless Adult Slingshot

Want to take a ride down your memory lane? If you ever tried catapulting as a kid, the word “slingshot” is surely a flashback to your childhood. Plan on an outdoor activity with your friends and family with thisHigh Precision Stainless Adult Slingshot.

Comfortable Grip
A firm and comfortable grip are very important in handling a slingshot. Otherwise, you will not be able to get a good stretch while firing it. A good grip will benefit you the most by reducing hand and wrist fatigue.

Anti-Rust Stainless Steel

Its stainless steel material protects the slingshot from rust and corrosion thus giving it long-lasting durability. You will have this slingshot knocking around for ages.

High Accuracy with High Precision

This slingshot uses flat bands which allow accurate, high-velocity shooting when stalking prey. Flat bands are easier to draw and typically produces a faster projectile speed, due to their rapid “snapback speed”. You can trace distance distribution together with its sight feature to release a more precise shot.

Quick Press Installation

One additional feature we can’t miss out is that it’s very easy to install and take down flat bands. In just a few simple steps of loosing, pressing, and tightening the quick-press screw you’ll be done installing your flat bands in less than a minute!

Fancy on a primal excitement of catapulting with thisHigh Precision Stainless Adult Slingshot!




                              ✔ Top Anti-Rust Stainless Steel
                              ✔ High Tension Rubber Band
                              ✔ High Engineered Design
                              ✔ Firing Accuracy
                              ✔ High Precision
                              ✔ Comfortable holding slingshot
                              ✔ Steel Bullet and 12 Flat Leather Strip