Hi-Speed Woodworking Drill Bits (3pcs.)

Tired of beating your hands when doing woodworking projects?

Instead of torturing your hands, carve wood with speed & precision using the Hi-Speed Woodworking Drill Bits!

With this tool’s help, you can now craft sculpture masterpieces with little to no effort. This drill bit is designed with high-speed steel & three-edged blade to make operations easier and faster. And its universal shank fits most drilling machines — making it ideal for different woodworking tasks.

  • PRECISE CARVING – Craft masterpieces with ZERO sweat & effort! This attachment is made of sharp high-speed steel that cuts through any surface easily — allowing you to carve accurately.
  • INNOVATIVE DESIGN– No more bruised hands when sculpturing! Its head is designed with 3-edged knives that make woodworking as fast as slicing cakes.

  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY– Built for intense action! Aside from its superb sharpness, high-speed steel is also resistant to impact & corrosion — perfect for repeated use and storage.
  • EASY TO USEDoesn’t require you to be a pro handyman!Simply install and remove it just like typical drill bits. No-fuss, no sweat!

  • WIDE APPLICATIONHas a universal shank that fits most drills and Dremel tools — ideal for engraving, sculpturing, carving, and other woodworking tasks!

Craft beautiful engravings with speed & precision!

Install the Hi-Speed Woodworking Drill Bits TODAY!


Material: High-Speed White Steel

Shank Size: 3mm

Available Head Shaft Sizes: 3mm / 4mm / 5mm

Package Inclusion/s: 1 set of 3 pcs. Hi-Speed Woodworking Drill Bits includes:

  • 1 pc. 3x3mm
  • 1 pc. 3x4mm
  • 1 pc. 3x5mm