Grinder Wall Chaser

Messing up your wall while you try to cut a groove to conceal power cord or water pipe? You do not have to spend so much to get a groove cutter, instead, you can turn your angle grinder into one! Introducing the Grinder Wall Chaser, the professional conversion tool that converts your size 100 angle grinder (M10& M14) into an ultimate wall groove cutting machine!
Grinder Wall Chasercomes with a extension shaft and 4 gaskets. This is the perfect tool for quick and clean cutting of wall chases. It works for brick, granite moorstone, marble griotte and concrete. For better groove cutting result, use at least 3 cutting discs.
  1. This converter ONLY works for size 100 (M10 & M14) angle grinder.
  2. MEASURE your angle grinder to select the appropriate cover size.
  3. Angle grinder and grinding discs are NOT included.
  4. WEAR proper protective gear while using the cutter.
  • Easily change the 100 angle grinder into a wall groove cutting machine.
  • Suitable for quick and clean cutting of wall chases.
  • Works for brick, granite moorstone, marble griotte and concrete.
  • It is suggested to use at least three cutting discs for better result.
Package Included:
1 x Extension Shaft
4 x Gaskets