The Easy-Shaper Grinder Shaping Disc

Made from the strongest metal in the world to last for many projects

Unlike other shaping discs out there that wear out and become dull in 10 minutes, The Easy-Shaper wood shaping disc is made from the strongest Tungsten metal in the world to make sure it’s a tool you can count on for high accuracy, control with precision, and durability to build beautiful furniture that looks that make a place feel like home.

Outlasts Hundreds of Sandpaper Pads and Eats Wood For Breakfast

designed with hundreds of extremely sharp teeth that rapidly remove stock and outlasts hundreds of sandpaper pads - The Easy-Shaper is Built to last for many projects, making it easier to shape and smooth any type of wood with laser-like precision. 


Whether it’s building beautiful new furniture to be proud about, or a first time woodworking project, The Easy-Shaper is the perfect tool for any woodworker as it makes it super easy to polish and shape out any tough wood like a breeze, to get it ready for a fresh new look in no time.

Perfect fit for most grinders

Using a wheel that doesn’t fit the grinder can reduce the grinder's lifetime and make it hard to control which results in loss of extra materials and make you do the work all over again. The Easy-Shaper's serrated edge provides smooth and controlled grinding & polishing to maximize grinding precision and is designed with ⅝ inch bore which is perfect for most standard angle grinders.


  • Save time and hassle on trying out expensive gear that wears out in minutes, The Easy-Shaper’s Tungsten carbide teeth gives you an outstanding wear-life and provide rapid material removal
  • Made to grind through any kind of wood and like butter for ultimate versatility in any project. perfect for working on wood angles and concave/convex grinding work.
  • Save money on useless gear that doesn’t get the job done and become dull on their first use, and enjoy having a tool that lasts for a long time and use it to build and shape you can feel proud about


If you don't absolutely LOVE our Wood Polishing Wheel, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!