Angle Grinder Saw Disc

Carve Rock-Hard Wood Like A Hot Knife In Butter 

Using a hand saw can be very difficult and unsafe for any woodworker to cut any tough log or just shaving beam-ends. The Grinder Saw Disc allows any woodworker and luthier to use their own grinder and turn it into a versatile chainsaw to easily and quickly cut any rock-hard wood, shave beam-ends, and notches on studs & plates.


Aggressive as a chainsaw - Precise like a Grinder

Unlike any other saw discs that become dull after a couple of minutes of use and very hard to control. The Angle Grinders Saw Discs 22-tooth premium blades are housed between 2 patented stainless steel discs, making it versatile to work perfectly in any woodworking project and long-lasting in any workshop 


Other Key Benefits

  • Save time and hassle on using a hand saw to cut tough logs as The Angle Grinder Saw Disc is built to cut any kinds of wood easily quickly
  • Made to cut through the toughest log like butter. The Angle Grinder Saw Disc can remove material very quickly and accurately, walking right up to a line and even cutting end-grain without grabbing.
  • Save money on useless gear that becomes dull in minutes, and enjoy having a tool you can count on to build beautiful furniture time and time again
  • Can be easily sharpened with a 5/32" (4mm) file for enjoying it for a long time
  • Fits most standard 4 1/2", metric 115mm and 125mm angle grinders for max comfort



Since The Angle Grinder Saw Disc is so sharp and powerful, Please always make sure to wear protective gear such as safety glasses and gloves to use it safely every time


Material: High-quality stainless steel

Diameter: 100mm / 4"

Arbor: ⅝” 16mm

Maximum Speed: 14000rpm

Fits for: 4”(100mm) or 4-½” (115mm) Angle Grinder

Applications: for cutting woods, plastics, ice, and hard rubber.


If you don't absolutely LOVE our Angle Grinder Saw Disc, just send it back within 30 days for a full stress-free refund!