Furniture Silicon Protection Cover

Never again a damaged floor due to chair or table legs!

Have you encountered these problems in your life? Your tables and stools always make noisy noise and become a place to collect hair? For a quiet sleep and a neat home environment, you can't miss our product. The elastic tension of silicone makes these covers suitable for various shapes of furniture legs!
  • FLOOR PROTECTORS: Protects Both Chair Table Legs and Floor From Damage; Anti-Slip Bottom Pad Prevents Scratches And Noise Without Leaving Marks. The Flexible Silicone Box is Easy to Slip-On, Giving Chair Leg a Snug Grip Like a Glove.
  • NOT EASY TO FALL OFF: This Chair Glides Feet Caps Tips are No Need to Stick, Simple to Wrap, and Not Easy to Fall Off, The Felt Pads Allow Your Chair / Table to Glide Smoothly.
  • MATERIAL: Durable Soft Silicone, 100% Nontoxic, Safe for Children & Pets, Fits Many Kinds of  Furniture Feet: Dining Room Chair, Bar Stool, Patio Chair, Kitchen Chair, Metal Bistro Chairs, Desk Chair, etc.
  • BEAUTIFUL DESIGN: Made of Transparent Silicone Gel, Could Blend In All Kinds of Home Design, You Will Hardly Notice Them With The Transparent Design.


    • Color: Transparent
    • Material: Silicone


    • 16 x  Floor Protector [12 + 4 FREE]
    • 32 x  Floor Protector [24 + 8 FREE]
    • 64 x  Floor Protector [48 + 16 FREE]