Full HD Action Body Camera

    • Full HD Handheld Action Camcorder/ Camera is an HD mini camera, that can be clipped on to clothing or attached to a metal object with its powerful magnets.


    • Great for security workers or neighborhood watch to capture evidence
    • Use the camera to record meetings at work or use the audio-only feature to record the conversations
    • Students can record classes and lectures
    • Drivers can use it to record potential dangerous situations (road rage, being pulled over by the police, someone in front driving erratically)
    • Can be used to record sports - cycling, skiing, etc. There is an M6 screw hole to support a more permanent fixing to bikes.
    • Can be connected to an external USB power supply for extended recording time. For example in-car charger or mobile phone power pack.
    • Great for recording video when you need both hands
    • Has the ability to record audio-only 
    • Has the ability to take photos


    • Color: Black
    • Size: 8.9cmx3.2cm
    • Video Frame rate: 30 fps
    • Battery Capacity: 560mAh
    • Video recording time: 3 hours
    • Audio recording time: 7 hours
    • Interface Type: Micro 5 Pin USB
    • Systems supported: Windows 10/8/me/2000/XP/2003/vista, mac OS, Linux




     Motion Detection

    • Switch the camera to motion detection and it will only start filming when it senses motion. - Great if using as a secret camera. Perfect for catching the children stealing cookies out of the cookie jar.

    Battery Life

    • The camera can last for 3 hours while recording but it will also record while connected to a USB power supply.
    • It can work while charging, which, allow you to attach an external power bank for long time recording
    • The built-in rechargeable battery supports up to about 3 hours of video recording; the body camera can continue recording while it is charging so you can attach an external power bank to the body cam for a long time recording times. 

    Audio only

    • There is an audio-only option so you can record conversations without the need to use the video record feature.

    Access Recordings

    • Just plug the camera into your laptop or computer with the supplied USB cable to access the recordings. There will be 3 folders for you to pick from. PHOTOS, VIDEO, and Audio RECORDINGS.

    Clip and Magnet

    • You can clip the video camera in your pocket/bag/backpack, and the magnet allows you to put the mini cam on any metal surface, such as refrigerator, metal shelf, bicycle, or car.


    • 1 x Full HD Handheld Action Camcorder
    • 1 x USB Cable 
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x Memory Card