Extractor Socket Set

Never fight rounded bolts again!

The Extractor Socket Set uses an innovative design of spiral flutes to grip any fastener no matter how damaged. Sharp teeth inside redefine extraction solving all of your frustrations. 


It's obvious that rounded fasteners can truly ruin any job. Once stripped finding grip becomes impossible, especially when the right equipment is not on hand.

The Extractor Sockets have sharp teeth inside that cut into the fastener's head allowing up to 5x greater torque output than conventional sockets.


 Unshakeable Grip – Spiral socket design to easily remove stripped, rounded off, painted over and rusted fasteners.

 Heavy-Duty Material – Made from high carbon steel for exceptional strength and long-lasting durability.

 Fit For Every Hand Tool – A square drive with hex base for use with any impact guns, ratchets, wrenches, or pliers.

 Works On SAE And Metric Fasteners – Dual sized sockets allow to easily work on both measure systems without complications.

 High-Visibility – Laser-etched markings provide quick size identification.



Material: Chromium Vanadium Alloy Steel
Usage: Removes damaged nut and bolt
Size: 175x85x35mm / 6.89x3.35x1.38in


1 x  Extractor Socket Set


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