Electric Head Lice Vacuum Comb - Safe For Your Kids

Electric Head Lice Vacuum Comb

Sick of lice? You need this electric vacuum comb for lice! Keep your children free of lice quickly and easily

The Electric Head Lice Vacuum Comb is the ideal element for the care of your children. Lice are a big problem between children and our pets.


It is common for your children to get lice by being in contact with more children at school or in the pool. The Electric Head Lice Vacuum Comb is sturdy and will quickly clean your children.




  • Electric device: as easy as combing
  • Chemical-free and effective even against super lice
  • Combs and vacuum cleaners at the same time.
  • Lice and eggs are extracted cleanly in the captured vessel.
  • Detects and prevents infestation


It is easy to use; you have to pass it through the child's hair like a regular comb, once you finish remove the filter and cover it to avoid contamination, throw it in the trash and go!



  • 1 x Electric Lice Comb
  • 1 x Power Charger
  • 3 x Disposable Capture Filter
  • 1 x User Manual