Drill Bit Sharpener

Give your old blunt drill bits a sharp edge while improving their functionality with this quick and easy drill bit sharpener!

With its wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel & high-power capacity, you can enjoy sharpening your blunt drill bits with maximum efficiency and effectiveness. Super easy to use - simply press the drill bit against the grinding wheel to get the job done - do this twice for each drill bit, for both sides. Perfect for iron bits with a clamping range of 2 to 12.5mm, this compact-sized portable tool is an absolute must-have in every handyman's toolbox.  

  • Perfect for iron bits
  • Extends the drill bits life by giving it a sharp edge
  • Wear-resistant corundum grinding wheel with a high-power drive for maximum efficiency and effectiveness
  • Clamping range: 2 to 12.5mm
  • Compact & portable - fits any toolbox with ease.