Door & Board Foot Lifter

If you need to free your hands while raising a board off the ground, this foot-operated door lifter will support your door by fitting itself into the door frame and will easily lift it for you simply by using your foot. 

This lifter conveniently allows up/down and side to side movement for easy positioning of doors, panels, and drywall boards. Ideal for carpet installers, carpenters, plasterers, locksmiths, drywallers, or anyone that needs to replace hinges. This handy tool eliminates the need for using a chisel and bolster to get your equipment in the right position.  

  • Allows hands-free raising of boards, doors, panels, etc. off the ground by simply using your foot. 
  • Made of alloy for superior durability & long service life.
  • Designed with an anti-stripping foot buckle & anti-slip foot pedal that helps to keep the foot stable & safe at all times.
  • It provides strong support at all times!