Corner Angle Finder

Our corner angle finder slides and locks to any desired angle, saving time for repeated measurements. The four-sided ruler slides and locks to any desired angle as a reusable template for endless applications.

There's no need to create a new template for each new job, and you don't need to re-measure the same angle over and over again - the measurement tool saves you time and effort!

Multiple applications: perfect for brick, stone, tile, wood, laminate and any other material!

Durable, compact and lightweight: an excellent portable tool that can be easily folded and carried to your next project.

Stainless steel makes the ruler durable in any job and industry. Your tools are foldable for easy storage and feature a one-handed operation with a unique tightening mechanism.

Super easy to use! Simply place it on the work area, slide the ruler into the desired shape, and tighten the screws and that's it! You can now make perfect measurements and now you can transfer and track them to any material.


Product specifications

Material: Stainless steel
Model: Angle ruler
Weight: 210g
Size: about 17.1cm

What's in the box

1 * Bevel & Corner Protractor