Cordless Grass Trimmer-Electric Weed Eater

Mow the Lawn Weed easily though without blade!



Material: Plastic + Aluminum Alloy
Color: Green + Silver
Zip Tie Length: 10cm
Power: 6 Section AA Batteries (Not included)



  • It's Cordless! So no tangled cords!
  • No messy gasoline
  • Works with standard zip ties
  • Powerful trimmer in the palms of your hands
  • It's Battery-powered operation, energy and time saving
  • It has an adjustable pole that allows you to trim all those hard to reach places.
  • Specially designed for anyone who works in the garden every day.
  • Protective debris shield for ensuring extra safety, keep your work clean without mess.



1. Attach 2 zip ties to the trimmer. Slide the on/off switch to the” on” position, and start trimming!
2. For hard to reach places, or extend your reach, just screw on the extension pole and then slide to extend it the exact reach you need. Extends up to 30″
3. For added safety, or to use as a precision edger, just snap the debris shield onto zip trim.


1 x Grass Trimmer
1 x Extension Poles
1 x Debris Shields
24 X Zip Ties
1 x User Manual