The Easy Fill Bundles for POL Australian

A must-have for survivalists, hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, tailgaters, campers, fishermen, hunters, handyman, and anyone that cooks on a small grill! 

  • SAFETY- Equipped with a built-in safety feature that will ensure you never over-fill your smaller tank. Well-constructed, heavier, bigger, and safer. Cuts off gas flow automatically when pressure is reached ( rubber ring allows proper seal)
  • EASY TO INSTALL - No other tools required and easy to install with hand heel grip for tightening. 
  • REFILL EASILY - Fits all 1 lb propane grill cylinder bottles and fills easily and quickly.
  • CORROSION RESISTANT - 100% solid brass construction that provides a secure and airtight connection for your security.
  • GREAT FOR - Camping, tailgating, heating needs, cooking outdoor and much more!

The Universal Adaptor:

Some countries, like Australia, use tanks with POL fittings. 

If you're looking for an adaptor that can fit your POL style propane tank so you can use The Easy Fill Propane Refill Tool, our Universal Fit Propane Tank Adaptor is the perfect pick.

This little adapter will come in handy if you want to connect a left-hand thread propane tank to a QCC1 connector, so you can easily use The Easy Fill Propane Refill Tool and American style propane appliances.  Made with durable brass and super easy to install, this device features a handwheel for easy connection to your tank - no wrench required!

  • Wide compatibility.  Enables all old-style P.O.L. (Prest-o-Lite) propane tanks to fit QCC1 / Type 1 connections, such as on The Easy Fill Propane Refill Tool.
  • Easy to install.  No wrench required thanks to it attached handwheel!
  • Great for.   BBQ, camping stoves, propane heater, or anything that uses propane.
  • Top-notch quality construction.  Made with durable brass for long-lasting use
  • Size.  5.12H X 4.33L X 1.57W

To find out if you need a Universal Adaptor to use The Easy Fill Refill Tool, click here.

4 Small bottle caps:

  • Corrosion Resistant.   High-quality solid brass construction gives it superior corrosion resistance for long-lasting use. 
  • Super Safe.  Propane bottle caps are important when you put a tank away in storage.  Lets you keep the tank sealed completely to prevent leaks
  • Easy Installation.   These caps will fit directly on to your 1LB propane bottles/cylinders.  
  • Great for.  BBQ, camping stoves, propane heater, or anything that uses 1LB propane tank
  • Universal Size.   2.4cm/ 0.94inch Inner Diameter; 2.75cm/ 1inch Outer Diameter