Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener


Chainsaw Teeth Sharpenercan easily keep your saw blades razor sharp. No more frustrations about a surface you don't get through!

Oregon PowerSharp Chainsaw Blade Sharpener - Sharpens Chainsaw in Seconds

Perfect for use by professionals and beginners. Save money, time, and effort on your chain now completely self- sharpening! Put him in the cradle, push it, and in no time you have a sharp chain.

ADVANTAGES OF THE Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener:

Razor-sharp: You will never have a blunt saw again, this will make it a lot easier! Ideal for professionals and beginners! 

No more saw blades that get stuck in trees or other surfaces. This way you avoid a lot of frustrations! 

Safety First: Create more safety. No kickback chains so you always have the saw under control.

Less CostsSave high costs by not having to take the saw to a special sharpener. From now on you can do that at home, without too much effort!

Don't Make It Too DifficultEasy to install. In addition, the grindstone at the bottom of the holder is easy to replace, so you don't make it more difficult than it is!


Oregon PowerSharp Chainsaw Blade Sharpener - Sharpens Chainsaw in Seconds



Suitable for saw blades from 35 to 50 cm (14-20 ”), except with an Echo 16” chainsaw.

Pay attention:

Do not forget to tighten and tighten the screws when sharpening the chain.

Close the sharpener and make sure it is locked and secured before using it.


  • 1 x Chainsaw Teeth Sharpener
  • 1 x Grindstone