Camshaft Sprocket Clamp Kit

Reducing Repair Time and Prevents Possible Engine Damage Due to Incorrect Timing!

A one-of-kind cam shaft kit that works on most single, overhead engines. You'll be amazed by how effective this tool is at the maintaining the value time during belt replacement! Plus, this cam shaft tool totally reduces repair time and discourages damages to your engine when incorrect timing applied.

Cover most single overhead cam engines, twin cam engines and quad cam engines lock camshafts to hold value time during the belt replacement. 

Made of premium quality carbon steel material, high strength and durable. Fits time gear diameters from 4inch(101mm) to 6inch(152mm) and gear spacing from 1/16inch(1.6mm) to 3inch(76mm).


  • Small size makes this tool great for working on small or closed engine compartments.
  • The host is equipped with a dual can camp and 4 cam-clamp single and double or quad-core engine.
  • Separately transferred single cam locks.
  • Innovative front locking teeth effectively combines all dimensions of the cam mechanism.


Package Included: 1*Camshaft Sprocket Clamp Kit + 4*Single Cam Clamp (Free)