Banana Bed Pet Cushion

The Banana Bed Pet Cushion is made of Coral Fleece. Does your cat love to sleep and get in plenty of naps during the course of the day? They usually find some safe hidden place, they also really like dark, warm hideaways, especially in winter. Right?
Even indoor cats still have the instinct to hide from predators, and these places are also nice and quiet, anti-stress therapy for them. Banana Bed Pet Cushion is an extra, warm, and hidden sleeping place for your cute cat.

The perfect place of peace and happiness, like heaven, but only for pets!

Product Dimensions:

  • S (40*15*10CM)   Approx  1kg Capacity
  • M (55*20*15CM)  Approx  2.5kg Capacity
  • L (65*25*18CM)   Approx  5kg Capacity

Package Inclusion:

  • 1 x Banana Bed Pet Cushion