Automatic Soldering Gun

The Automatic Soldering Gun allows for one-hand soldering to make your jobs more efficient and more enjoyable! Shaky hands? No problem, this gun will help you achieve accurate solder joints every time!

  • ONE-HAND OPERATION: Unlike most solder tools, the RapidSolder is designed to operate with a single hand, thereby freeing up your other hand for holding smaller components with tweezers (included). The soldering wire feed ensures a steady hands-free solder supply during soldering.
  • DESIGNED FOR HIGH-YIELD: The RapidSolder is the most functional, reliable, and safe welding tool specifically designed for those who tend to do a lot of soldering on a daily basis. The soldering iron kit comes with a soldering gun, desoldering pump, 2 tweezers, and solder wire. 
  • UNIQUE HEATING ELEMENT: Our RapidSolder has a natural mica heating core, which heats up super fast (thermostat range 200°c - 450°c), has a long lifespan, is easily assembled and dismantled, and can also be replaced. 
  • DE-SOLDERING: The de-soldering pump is a high-pressure vacuum tube, with an aluminum body frame that allows easy one-handed operation and is best suited for fixing mistakes and de-soldering printed circuit boards.

The solder wire scaffold provides the hands-free solder feeding while soldering, with you pressing the trigger, the solder wire trace down the steel wire pipe into the heated-up solder head, then melt and flow down to the place where you are repairing. 

Whether you are right or left-handed, you can use the desoldering pump by just cocking it and pressing the trigger button with one hand when you are ready. The desoldering pump designed with a double ring, "vacuum" button, which makes the sucking power awesome.

Inner-heated ceramic technology makes the 60W soldering iron heat up very quickly (thermostat range 200 °c - 450 °c), which will also give your tool a longer service life!

Package Includes:

Option 1 (Automatic Soldering Gun (Gun Only)):

RapidSolder Gun x 1

Option 2 (Automatic Soldering Gun (Complete Kit)): 

RapidSolder Gun x 1

Desoldering Pump x 1

Tweezers x 2

Solder Wire x 1


Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Question: What's the power of the soldering gun?

Answer: It is 60 watt, temp rating is 400 degrees

2. Question: Can you use other makes of solder wire spindles with this product?

Answer: Any solder wire sized 0.8 -1.2 mm is suitable for the automatic soldering gun.

3. Question: Is this gun good enough for soldering cables on car stereos?

Answer: Works very well, great for small soldering jobs.


5. Question:Does it come with flux?

Answer: No, it's a rosin core solder for electrical work.

6. Question: Does the electronic soldering iron kit come with solder?

Answer: The Complete Kit will contain solder and electrical solder wire that is 60%Sn/40%Pb and 1.8% rosin base flux with a melting point of 361F/183C.

7. Question: Is the temperature adjustable?

Answer: No

8. Question: Is a stand required or will it lay flat yet keep the tip-off the table?

Answer: It will lay flat with no issue.

9. Question: Can the RapidSolder soldering automatic gun be used DIY jewelry making?

Answer: It can be used anywhere soft solder can be used.

10. Question: Can you change out the tip?

Answer: Yes