Automatic Soap Dispenser

This cutting-edge soap dispenser gives you the luxury of washing your hands without any contact with the dispenser itself. 

A non-contact utility like this dispenser is truly a must-have in every household as it helps you save time & water while also ensuring that your hands remain clean at all times. With a compact and minimalist style, it is perfect for any bathroom or kitchen, providing users with high-quality, elegant, and safe hand-washing experience.

  • Suitable for bathroom, kitchen, and more. 
  • It adopts a frosted design that makes it easy for you to keep track of the soap that's inside. 
  • With its infrared induction design, it can sense hand movements and produce foam automatically without any contact. 
  • Waterproof construction with eco-friendly materials
  • Practically designed with controlled foam production - ensures less waste. 
  • Equipped with high efficient motor + low noise for a better user experience
  • With convenient power options - powered by 4pcs AA batteries (not included)