Anti Gravity Magic Lamp

Enjoy the Magic of Water Drop Backflow Visual Effect!

This product utilized principles of basic science to create an anti-gravity optical illusion that water drops will go up.  The item is made of aluminum that forms an elegant shape. When placed in a dim environment, the water does not actually levitate. It just looks like it's levitating because of the frequency of the light's flashing.


  • Modern house decor lamp.
  • Mesmerizing anti-gravity droplets, and the soothing sound of flowing water.


  • Weight: 3.4lbs
  • Dimensions: 6.2" x 6.2" x 10.6" inches
  • 200ml water storage tank
  • Power: 3 W
  • Supply Voltage: 220 V
  • Adapter input: 100-240 V
  • Output: 12 VDC
  • Purification rate: PM2.5 (96.62%)
  • Formaldehyde (93.9%)
  • 45°-55°C Low-Temperature Humidification



1 x Anti-Gravity Magic Lamp