Aluminum Welding Rods - 1.6/2/2.4mm

Our Aluminum Welding Rods provide a simple yet effective way to weld aluminum parts without any expensive pieces of equipment! All you need is a propane torch and you're good to go on your welding journey!

No complicated things required like a fume or a flux (you can still use it if you wish to do so).  These rods make a sound joint that's stronger than a parent metal and can easily join a thick & thin part together. It offers a long service life with superior corrosion resistance while also ensuring that no harmful gases or toxins are released during welding thanks to its 0% lead content construction. 

  • Perfect for welding aluminum parts in a simple & effective way - all you need is a propane torch!
  • Enables strong sound joints and easily connects thick & thin parts together
  • Minimizes parent material distortion during welding
  • Superior quality with excellent corrosion & rust resistance with high thermal & electrical conductivity 
  • Durable & exquisite workmanship
  • Specifications:
    Melting temperature:  716-752°F (380-400°C)
    Length: approx. 13*0.5*0.5 inches.
    Diameter: approx. 1.6/2.0/2.4mm
  • We offer:
    10pcs x Aluminum Rods
    20pcs x Aluminum Rods
    30pcs x Aluminum Rods
    50pcs x Aluminum Rods +1pc brush