Acupressure Magnetic Shoe Insoles

Looking for that One Pair of Special Insoles?

As we know, practice is the power of life. But we don't have any time for the exercise. Now, you have a new way to keep healthy.

The Acupressure Magnetic Shoe Insoles is set with 8 magnets that promote blood circulation and massage to promote blood circulation in your soles so that your feet have a comfortable feeling embedded in reducing fatigue and improving sleep quality. The magnet covers several acupuncture points on the foot, precisely to each acupuncture point on the sole. Massage can help the health of the feet and the resistance to bad foot disease.


  • It can strengthen your health.
  • Capable of shock absorption and comfortable, clean and airy;
  • Made of high-quality materials, durable and non-toxic.
  • These magnets emit magnetic waves that weaken fat cells in the body.


  • Material: fiber + medical silicone
  • Size: Easy to cut by cutting it according to your exact size
  • Weight: 100g


  • Small - (25.0cm-27.0cm)  Length about 26.5cm
  • Large - (27.0cm-29.0cm)  Length about 28.3cm


  • 1 x Pair of Acupressure Magnetic Shoe Insoles