600W Electric Spray Gun

If you're a homeowner who loves to do their home renovations or a professional, our 600W Electric Spray Gun an absolute must-have!

With its 600W high-power capacity, you can enjoy quick & effective painting every time! It comes with 4 replaceable nozzles of different sizes that let you adjust the quality of your paint job.  Additionally, its has an adjustable design that lets you change between 3 spray patterns (horizontal, vertical, and circular) and the flow of the paint that lets you control how much paint you want to use, making it a very practical tool for any painter.  It helps you make your paint spraying job a beautiful & flawless one! 

  • Perfect for any paint job - home renovation or professional
  • High-power capacity for quick & effective painting
  • 4 replaceable nozzles - lets you adjust the volume of paint that you need to use
  • 3 spray patterns - horizontal, vertical, and circular
  • Flow adjustment - lets you control how much paint you want to use
  • Easy to clean - takes minutes to assemble & disassemble