5Pcs Wood Grinding Bits

Get creative with your woodworking hobby with our 5Pcs Wood Grinding Bits.  Owing to its quality construction and 5 unique shapes, these drill bits can provide the user access to thousands of grinding, polishing, shaping & burnishing options.

Made with hardened & tempered high carbon 1050 steel, these drill bits are proven & tested for their durability and functionality.  With its 1/4 (6mm) shank, you can easily use them with any kind of electric or cordless drill.  Super easy to use - just mount it on your drill and you're good to go!

  • Perfect for most woodworking tasks like grinding, polishing, shaping & burnishing. 
  • Can easily replace those small grinding wheels with even lesser dust from cuttings or burring process
  • Its high carbon 1050 steel makes it durable & strong for long-lasting use
  • Equipped with 1/4 (6mm) shank fits most drills
  • Shapes:  Ball, Oval, Cylinder, Large Cone, and Small Cone.