4inch 90 degree Clamp

Our 90-degree clamp an absolute must-have for all the woodworkers out there. With a clamp for each corner of a surface, you can greatly save labor time and reduce the workload of a surface. 

The angled clamp adopts an aluminum alloy construction with steel screws, giving you a long service life.  Super easy to use with its independently adjustable jaws & pre-drilling mounting holes that allow you to fix it easily on work surfaces.  Its 90-degree design can also accommodate 45-degree sawing, making it a super flexible addition for woodworkers. With a clamping range of 7.5cm, this right angle clamp would work perfectly if used together in a set of 4 (one for each corner). 

  • Perfect for woodworking, cabinet & furniture repair connection, photo frame reinforcements, wooden DIY projects, and more. 
  • Ideally used in a set of 4 - one for each corner
  • Super easy to use with its adjustable jaws & pre-drilling mounting holes. 
  • Can also be used for 45-degree sawing
  • Made with durable aluminum alloy & steel screws for long-lasting use
  • Maximum clamping range:  7.5cm