400mm / 16in Digital Angle Finder Level


Our 400mm/16in Digital Angle Finder Level measure all angles in either 360° range or four 90°quadrants. 

It can display both degree & slope and can be operated in 2 ways -- with magnets & without magnets.  Perfect for both horizontal & vertical surfaces and can also easily measure angles of all slopes whether its ascending or descending. 

  • With a precision of 0.1°
  • Designed with a flip-up LCD to enable reading in an upright position
  • Measuring range of 0~360°
  • Has a hold function to freeze measurements
  • Offers absolute and relative measurement conversation
  • Designed with an auto power-off system for more safety
  • Calibrations in degree or mm/m (up to 100mm/m)
  • Specification:
    Magnet:  4 built-in magnets on the base plate
    Power:  2 x 1.5V AAA battery (not included)
    Range:  4 x 90° (0~360°) 
    Accuracy:  0~90°≤0.1°; the rest ≤0.2°
    Resolution:  0.1°29.4